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Club Fun
“Madame Rhodes!” The suited host sidled over like the slime holding his hair back. “It is so good to see Madame.”
Shane smiled back just as sweetly, and if her smile hid sharp fangs instead of an ear aching fake accent, no one was around to tell the host.
“I shall have your table readied, and will the Madame’s young man be joining?”
The scent of anxiety and fear overtook the cheap cologne as the man’s face couldn’t help blanching.
“Ah non,” Shane curled her arm around her companions waist, smirking lightly as the oily man’s eyes dragged up and down the other’s body. “Mademoiselle Rouge is my partner tonight.”
Shane’s stunning curves and tan skin on display were normally, and well loved sight in the club, but the tiny red head at her side was new. Looking absolutely adorable, and edible, in the white dress and hip scarf matching her delicate red curls.
And the huge amber colored eyes with dar
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Marball for Anni by StressedJenny Marball for Anni :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,423 46
And then there were cuddles
"Jack?" Damon glanced in the rooms as he walked past. Of course, seeing how this was a rather large mansion, there were a lot of rooms the irritable redhead could be hiding in. "Stop sulking and get out here!"
The hall stayed silent, foreboding, and completely lacking in sarcastic pain in the ass little brothers. 
"C’mon Jack." Damon glanced in the library as he passed.
And froze.
Shane, all six foot muscled curves, was busy stretching upwards for a book, heavy wild brown and green curls were piled loosely on top of her head, occasionally brushing olive skin as she moved.
And apart from the waterfall of curls, she was completely nude.
That was a lot of tan skin and curves on display. 
Damon swallowed heavily, black spots starting to appear, mouth dropping open as gut impulse screamed danger and to talk his way out of this quick.
"Good morning Damon." Shane twisted, permanent smug grin in place, as she was perfectly happy to show off. "You seem tongue tied. Anything wron
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1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
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1.If you had to be an animal for one day?
2. Coke or Pepsi?
3. What is the perfect gamer chow?
4. Do you like trainz?
Better then buses
5. Do you ever wish you could ride a dragon (irl not on skyrim)
Why yes I do!
6. Hollywood Undead, or Deuce?
Hollywood Undead
7. If you were stuck on a train when the zombie apocalypse started what would you do?
Grab out my guns and start firing!
8. Apocalpyse speaking...Snippy or Pilot? (or all of them ^-^)
9. Do you ever stare at your friend when they tell you something, and have this strong urge to punch them in the face?
Possibly slap them maybe :3
10. If you could use one weapon to massacre an army of covanent...what would it be?
Bazooka... I always did like the way that one sounded....
My questions:

1. Ultimate Destination You Would Want To Go To?

2. Favourite 90's song?

3. If You Could Be a God From Any Mythology, who would you be?

4. Lanters or Lamps?

5. Favourite Book?

6. Something Childish You Love?

7. Favourite Movie Actor/Actress?

8. Would You Rather Be The World's Greatest Thief Or An Assassin?

9. Favourite Planet?

10. And Lucky Last...... Most Bizarre Thing You Have Seen On A Person Recently


The Goddess of The Moon
Heyyyy i live in the mighty world down under!!!!! mwahahahahahahahahahahahah imma a tad bit psyco and evil!!!!!!!!!! i love wattpad, raspberyy & lemonades, SAILORMOON, Greek stuff, my bffls, unicorns, pillow pets, mortal instruments, infernal devices, ect ect ect ect


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